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    Speciality Teas and Coffees


    Fair Trade Filter Coffee
    Fresh filter coffee served with a Mint Chocolate
    Fruit and Herbal Infusions
    Refreshing, caffeine free & low in calories
    We have 15 flavours to choose from!!
    Classic Tea & Biscuits
    Fair Trade English Breakfast, full-bodied amber tea.
    Lapsang Suchong, a strong and smoky character.
    Earl Grey, with a delicate flavour of bergamot.
    Darjeeling, light golden tea best drunk black or with a little milk.
    Green Tea
    Famous for its beneficial health properties &
    reputed to aid digestion.
    Choose from ~
    Lemon, Jasmin, Orange & Lotus Flower, Cranberry

    Cup of coffee £1.50
    Mug of coffee £1.70

    All teas £1.50